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Not to be overdramatic, but there’s this sense of impending doom.
You know, that feeling when you’re about to fall–
Your stomach tightens and you brace yourself.
You hope for a soft landing or that you somehow gain your balance again.

I can’t control the fall, but
I’m creating a soft landing for myself.
Secure that stance at the end.
I’m going home, back to me.


Today’s forecast.
Cold and I feel a draft.
Better close that window.

It’s gloomy out. A bit desolate.
Listen to that wind!
Quite a roar, shakes you up inside.

Tomorrow doesn’t look any better, folks.
Prepare yourself for the cold.
Wrap up and keep those tissues handy.

I’ve built this thing and I’m hiding behind it
I’m pushing people away for my silent fortress
There’s a huge moat with a bridge that is pulled up

I pretend to enjoy this solitude
When I actually want the opposite
I want to share all that’s behind this thing

That secret wish for one to climb
Be persistent in that quest
Show me what they really mean

All the pieces
The hurt and the anger
The fear and the hopes

Put them together
Look at me and see me
All of me

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