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Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name

When I decided to start this blog, it was supposed to be an anonymous place for me to express and share my thoughts. I wanted this to be a self-reflection thing for me. I have no intention of having readers or subscriptions. Ironically though, the blog name, Mine To Yours, represents how my thoughts would become your [the reader’s] thoughts. I think my header, Thoughts to Words, relates to my original purpose more accurately. The blog is a place for me to put my thoughts into words. All the things in my head will have a place to be spelled out.


Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. My ultimate dream is to work with children internationally, not as an educator, but as a worker in the human services field. I haven’t narrowed it down to anything more specific yet..if I will ever.

2. I absolutely love reading quotes. There’s such power in the words that some people say or write.

3. I have moments when I try to imagine my future, but I only come up with polar opposite scenarios so it makes me scared. At the same time though, I wish I could fast forward to when the big puzzle pieces of my life have already been set.

4. I have this passion for the arts and creative expression. I have such respect and appreciation for artists (of all kinds) because of the dedication and inspiration it takes to be one.

5. I’m a huge sucker for romantic things. I love cute stories and movies. I can’t help but feel uplifted and giddy when I hear about/see them. Though that’s not always a good thing because I have this naive wish for those type of things to happen to me which may or may not ever happen. Go figure.

6. I don’t deal with loss very well. Even when I’m the initiator, it doesn’t go over so smoothly. I think I hold onto things (I guess you can call them grudges or baggage) too much; never quite so easy for me to let go of things.

7. I genuinely stand in awe of the beauty and mystery of nature. Have you ever noticed how peaceful it is to stand still and quiet amongst green lush trees under a bright, clear, blue sky? Or underneath the tiny stars? Try it some time.

8. I write with an intention. Although some of it is free writing/rambling, I can’t just leave it like that. I write with the notion that someone will read it (even if that is not always the case) so I arrange my sentences or word my words a specific way. It is my form of creative expression while exercising some sort of emotional release. Public entries hardly constitute a full emotional release though.

9. I hide my feelings a lot because I know the other person won’t like them. I suppose it has to do with how can I word my feelings nicer than what I have in my head so as not to sound like a total brat.

10. I believe I have fairly simple expectations of people/the world, but I am beginning to realize that others may not view them as simple–that expectations are a matter of perspective and adjustment.

11. I want to learn to cook like my mother.

12. I absolutely despise animosity even though I know it is inevitable. It’s just so awkward, tiring, and plain frustrating/upsetting.

13. I love my alone time, but I also love spending time with people I care about.

14. Betrayal (according to my standards) really messes me up.

15. I worry a lot more than people realize.

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It’s been a couple hours
I lie awake with nothing on my mind
Nothing but you

I see the other couples
I see ourselves in their shoes
Their stories were our stories
At one point in time

Those memories
So sweet and innocent
Those warm fuzzy feelings
So very real

I feel so alive
So very awake
I lie here and think
Of no one but you

20 years have gone by in this life
It was a time of reflection today

There wasn’t much going on today–not from the outside anyway
If one was to peek inside my mind, one would see the gears and thoughts moving rapidly
I suppose this happens on any given day, but the gears seemed heavier on this certain day


I can’t sleep. I had this urge to write when I tried to go to sleep and now I’ve been up for 2 hours.
There’s a lot of mumble jumble in my head. The thoughts ricochet off the walls of my brain.
Slightly muffled, thanks to the music playing from the ear buds.
But still making a significant echo in my heart.

I have unsettling feelings. Unsure of where I stand with myself.
I go back and forth between good and bad.
I push and pull myself between two different planes.
Being in the middle doesn’t really work anymore.
I’m irritable, sensitive, and I want to curl up and disappear.
No pinpoint of where the trouble lies, just a spread out mass of I-don’t-even-know-what.
I can’t even tell you the answer to the question, “What’s wrong?”
I just don’t feel great right now. Surely, this will pass.
Is it just another one of those nights?
Or is there something of significance here?

Mumble jumble finally gets me tired. Another day, another start.

You’ve fallen asleep. So peaceful and still.
I’m still up. A bit restless, to be honest.
Something’s a little off; can’t quite shake this feeling.

There’s the flitting urge to talk to you.
Wake you up and end the night together.
I don’t feel right without your goodnight.

Our conversation marks the end of my night routine.
No need for a lullaby, can do without a tiny nightlight.
Your attention, your words–that’s all I need.

There’s the flitting urge to talk to you.
Wake you up and end the night together.
I don’t feel right without your goodnight.

edit 2:54
When it’s one of these nights, I end up missing you a lot.
Whatever I may be doing, my thought always ends with you.
I’ve come to rely on you a lot–so much that I always integrate you in my mind.
Te necesito/quiero para hablar conmigo..

Do you ever stay up, but you don’t really know why?
I do that a lot. Instead of sleeping, I spend frivolous hours on the internet.
I don’t do anything useful, I just browse, click, and browse some more.

I shut off the laptop, forcing myself to be normal and sleep for once.
Then the mind starts working its magic.
Magic being the thoughts that were dormant for the last few hours suddenly go on hyper drive.

I don’t really know what is going on. All I know is that there’s a lot going on up there.
There are questions, musings, observations, and criticisms.
What is a girl to do with all of that swimming around in the lucid pool of her mind?

I try to decipher each thing into a category. I want to write everything down.
It’s not as easy as I think it will be. Things make sense in my head, but not quite on paper.
I want to keep it organized and cohesive as I write, but thoughts simply don’t want to be contained sometimes.

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