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there she is
standing still in the midst of everything
watching the world unravel
ribbons of laughter
streamers of smiles
they twirl in the air
colors reflecting off of the droplets
forming puddles on the ground
there she is

put punctuation wherever you please and get different interpretations


do you hear it?
slow and quiet, the first note plays.
melody and harmony follows close behind.
peace from the silence mingles
with compassion felt through the words.
all the while, empathy plays in your heart,
just from that one moment,
that one voice, that one song.
music–it’s magical

she discovers memories and stories
of those from the past,
relived and remembered
by the hearts of today–
the epic tales of friendship;
everlasting counts of love;
sad songs of sorrow;
bottled jars of hardship–
timeless and unforgettable,
forever ingrained in the living

observe and analyze-
read between the lines;
look for the fine print.
find the remains of the known past

observe and analyze-
take notes;
ask questions.
discover the plans of the secret future

observe and analyze
the human heart, the human mind
like illustrations in an open book

Patience, they say…
is a great virtue.
But do they   know   the agony?
The silence I emit swallowed by the screaming voice inside–
Hold yourself back and maintain that control
Keep that grip and  never let go!
Forget the jeers and keep your eyes forward
Don’t blink, don’t think!
It’ll all be over soon–  that  day   is due.
Patience is a  virtue,
But do they   know the   agony…?

A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.
An established disposition of the mind or character.

Something looked forward to, whether feared or hoped for
An attitude of expectancy or hope; anticipation

I catch myself still.
Habits and expectations–
As if things weren’t different;
They were the same

I find myself still
Looking, just like before–
Habits and expectations

They creep up on me.
Silent and stealthy;
Manipulating me effortlessly

Things all around me change with time
I find myself standing still–
Paused as the rest of the scene continues playing
I want to find the play button
So I can move along with the scene
Where is the fast forward button?
I’d much rather find that–
Skip the parts I don’t like until I find one I do
Skip the transitions–
The nostalgia for “way back when…”
The adjustment of previous notions
Press play when I see myself settling into a new way

close your eyes and imagine her
watch her closely, actions tell it all
listen to her unspoken words
share her hidden stories
live out her secret dreams
fulfill her deepest wishes
what do you see?

open your eyes and look at her
watch her closely, actions tell it all
listen to her unspoken words
share her hidden stories
live out her secret dreams
fulfill her deepest wishes
do you still see it?

watch her closely, actions tell it all
alone, she reveals her reality
silent, she speaks volumes
broken, her stories unfold
happy, she follows her dreams
loved, her wishes granted

written 11/16/08
edited 07/13/10

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