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There was something unbelievable about you
The ease in which everything unfolded–it was just so natural
It was the certainty in which we both felt towards each other
And the fearless decision to pursue the ultimate relationship

My mind cleared the moment your arms wrapped around me
How my eyes closed whenever your lips graced my forehead
The unrelenting feeling of longing whenever you weren’t near
Hopes against hopes for the end to never come; to let me live in this dream


Closed my eyes and just listened–
Rustle of the leaves meet with the chortle of laughter
Excited screams and shouts fill my ears
As the sounds of running feet rush past me

Panting breath add a bass to this music I hear
Tantalizing taunts roll off their tongues–the melody
Squeaks of metal intermittently interrupt the conversation
Between childhood and adulthood

The playground becomes the battlefield for young bodies and minds.
Who is the fastest? Who is the loudest? Who is the coolest?
Who can lead their team to victory? Who can outwit the opponent?
The innocence at which everything happens almost becomes nostalgic.
The world they live in contrast so starkly from the one we live in.
But today, we met and we talked and we were together–even if for just a brief moment.

Unsettling feelings of discontent stir the mind
Tension builds within
Words of aggression spill from the mouth
Patience dwindles

Shield and hide from the troubles coming forth
Distract and numb the thoughts floating abroad
Empathize and release through different media
All whilst taking note of the sarcastically calm surrounding

Someone read through the exterior
Someone reach into the interior
Someone calm the roaring of the sea
Someone know me better than myself

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