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Miles and miles away at sea
Away from home and loved ones
Hundreds of brave, compassionate souls
Aboard the Freedom Flotilla

Unwavering in the lurks of danger ahead
They press on–spirits strong and hearts open
“We are here to bring hope”
Supported by all walks of life

Aid for the oppressed
Sustainability for the barely surviving
Recreation for the barely grown
Means to better living

Noble cause taken away by immoral forces
Lives ended with fatal bullets
Justice strangled by willing soldiers
Calm replaced with chaos

We lie and wait for the numbers and the facts
We write and we talk
We protest and we demonstrate
We lend our voices and hearts to those on the Freedom Flotilla

RIP to the martyrs.
May God protect and watch over the hundreds of passengers.
May the world speak out and have justice prevail.


There is a great loss–
The empty and hollow sounds of the beating heart
Slow and lifeless motions of activity
The bitter and angry thoughts

Blood rushes to the heart no longer
Fast and frenzied actions of determination wane
Joy and anticipation cease to exist
–There isn’t meaning anymore

How do I hold on when there’s nothing left to hold?
How do I still hope when no hope has been given?
Why do I hold on when there’s nothing left to hold?
Why do I still hope when no hope has been given?

Relationship, 2 people involved.
Relationship, 1 person strong.
Relationship, 0 — gone.

-dedicated to my good friend

The thunder rumbles.
The lightning strikes.
The rain falls.

The voices grumble.
The words strike.
The tears fall.

Slow and steady.
Quick and sudden.
Light then heavy.

Like thunderstorms, arguments appear in the midst of gray skies
The paces are different each time. One doesn’t know what to expect
Rolling of the thunder warns us of further rain and lighting
Grumbling voices warn us of verbal altercations and tears

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